15 May 2010

Just a short sail 8.4nm (49.5nm in total)

Today was promised as a warm spring day at last. Some promises are worth more than others. In fairness, it was sunny all day out to sea, but it was one of those days when the cloud just formed over the land, so it never really got sunny in the harbour. But a bit brighter, which was something. I spent the morning scrubbing the decks. Daisy G was filthy. I still had straw on board from the barn where she was stored over the winter. She doesn't quite gleam now but at least she is not embarassing anymore.

I have fitted a semi-bulkhead between the centreboard case and the galley unit, below the table. Just a single sheet of plywood, screwed to the step in the floor, where I stepped it up over the bilge pump pipe. This now gives a narrow space I can store the lamps in when sailing, along with a rubbish bag. You need one somewhere.

I have fitted a three dial weather station. Barometer, thermometer and hygrometer. They are set in a smart stainless steel surround which I have fitted to the compression post and all seem to work. Cost a grand total of £7.99 from my preferred chandlers, Lidls. The last barometer I bought from a real chandlers cost me £25 and never showed a change in atmospheric pressure in three years, so I'll give Lidl's the benefit of the doubt for now.

The rudder blade is jamming. Why, I don't know. I anchored off Brownsea Island and got into the water to fiddle with it (very cold.) Working it up and down seems to have loosened it off, so it may just be some salt crystals in the rudder head. I shall keep an eye on it. The rear boarding ladder works extremely well, which is a relief. I would still be shivering in the dark by now if it hadn't.

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