13 November 2010

Start of Winter Work

Daisy G is back home from Swallow Boats after some expert work. Sitting under a tarpaulin for now as we await sorting out the planning for her new shed. All being well that will be within a couple of weeks and she will be under cover not long after that, weather permitting. The shed base gives a place to stand her and it is very sheltered. Just not much fun for working on her.

New work by Swallow Boats: Two extra cabin top hand grabs just by the hatch. I have wanted these all year. This is just the spot you grab for when getting in from a dinghy, and there is nothing there. Now there is, and they will provide a place to tie the dingy to when loading it as well. I had planned to fit them myself, but decided that a professional job would be stronger and better looking.

Second new bit: a proper bow roller, as is fitted to the latest BayCruisers. The alloy one I fitted was a bit rough and I really need a strong one as I keep her ona swinging mooring. This should do the job.

First of my jobs: swapping the hinges across on the anchor locker lids. Now they hige outwards, which means they are out of the way and don't keep falling shut. I still need to drill new finger holes, but that shouldn't be beyond me. I had to plane the opening edges so they didn't bind. A bit of epoxy needed over the exposed plywood and the old screw holes filling. I am planning to repaint the whole boat in March, so it will all be tidied up then.
I have also cut out a new boarding ladder platform in thick marine ply. The old one was delaminating. That all needs glueing up and finishing.

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