23 April 2011

Easter shake down sail (21.25nm 22nm total)

Easter weekend is glorious so far, so I went for a shake down cruise around the Harbour. Always worth doing as things show up that you might not want to find far from shore. This time I found that one of the shroud lanyards was wrapped round its shackle. Could have chafed through. But I found some calm water, slacked off the fore stay and jib and tidied it all up.
I am moored alongside Nick Savage's no 3, so here is a sight you won't see anywhere else for a while, two Baycruisers at the same marina.

Most of the additions seem to work well. The depth sounder really does the job. It makes tacking up the narrow channels here much more effective. I can use the full channel width and almost not go aground. The cabin is a bit more claustrophobic with the bulkhead, but I like the layout and it does give a separate bedroom.

The bungee sail stow really does work. Very quick to fit form either side. The bungee is cut short enough not to sag but that gives enough stretch to cover the sail. I suspect it will have to be replaced fairly frequently, but that is a small price for the convenience.

I sailed round the main islands in the harbour several times, and anchored overnight in a flat calm off Brownsea Island. I noticed a large dredging barge moored off Green Island. That was sold for several million pounds about five years ago. Nothing has happened to it since, but I expect they are now dredging out a deep water mooring. Can't blame them, it is a beautiful island, but surrounded by very shallow water. I would have bought it if I had the money.

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