14 November 2011

Boom support "beam" out of the mould

The cross beam is out of the clamps. I am quite pleased for a first lamination. It is very strong. I stood on teh centre and it just flattened out slightly. The angles of the ends don't quite match the angles of the supports on the tops of the stanchions, but it is close and a couple of thin wedges will fit it all into place. There were some gaps along the edge of one joint on the underside. which I couldn't see, but I have worked some extra epoxy into it and it should be fine. A lot of sanding needed before I could run a plane along each edge. I need to sand each wide face smooth as there are a number of epoxy dribbles on them.


  1. Hi Julian,
    Can I ask why you chose to make it with a large flat top. Remember the gallows I fitted to my Winkle Brig which I thought were the more usual/traditional design? Or is this a spoiler!

  2. No it's not a spoiler! Basically it comes about from tthe eh best way I could devise for holding it up. I'm using two stainless steel stanchions, with a 30 degre and 60 degree socket at each end. The top sockets need a wide base to screw into, hence the wide board. I am going to use the width to mount lateral navigation lights at each end, where they should be out of the ways and quite visible. I can also take the whole thing off by just undoing 6 screws if it really looks awful.