16 January 2012

Little jobs progress

The big jobs are largely done, so Iam working at lots of little ones. As small as putting in a line to hang tea towels on (there has got to be one somewhere). I have also put a small upstand at the back of one of the seat backs, which means it will neatly hold the life jackets in place. I have also sent the sprayhood off to have its two new windows inserted.

The area of green paint which looked damaged came up clean with a hard rub, it was only superficial, so there is no need to repaint the whole hull, it is quite sound. I need to do the antifoul boot top, which means some unpleasant scrubbing of old slime. I am going to extend the white line at the stern, as the watermark is quite clear and some way up the green. But it is too cold for painting just now.

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