13 August 2012

Back in the Water at Poole (20nm 234nm total)

After the day out on the Thames, I have relaunched down in Poole. Always a bit of a rigmarole as I have to launch at Baiter and anchor the boat, lock the trailer, motor over to Parkstone Marina, tie up and leg it back to Baiter ( I had taken my folding bike for this, a bit of fore thought for once), bring the car and trailer over to Parkstone, lock the trailer and then finally get back into the boat. Motored over to Brownsea Island in the fading light with navigation lights finally doing their job (although it wasn't all that dark really). Peaceful night at anchor away from the horde around Pottery pier. SWam a lap around the boat, it was that warm, but noticed a nasty scratch in the topsides I caused when I launched her. She had been blown back onto some else's trailer before I could push her away. I filled it with Araldite to keep the water out. Another winter patching job.

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Next day was a beautiful sailing day. I toured around the islands and went out and anchored for lunch in Studland Bay. Then stormed back into the Harbour on a broad reach doing 5-6.5 kts all the way. I managed to record each leg on my Android phone for once, although I have my doubts about the claimed maximum speed of 94kts.... In theory I could navigate with it, but it is too small to be practical. But it does show that a larger tablet could do the job. I also finally got the new stack pack sail bag to work with the lazy jacks, and I am a convert. Very easy to lower the main sail and then get it stowed away out of the wind.

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