23 June 2013

Bits more of a Wee Lassie 2

The weather is rotten, so no sailing this weekend (will there be any this summer?) Still making bits of a Wee Lassie 2 canoe. I have made cardboard templates of all station moulds and copied several of them to a sheet of MDF. This was then used with a router to cut out pairs of moulds in 12mm chipboard. I have slotted the two bow/stern moulds and screwed them to the stem moulds. That took a bit of shimming with bits of sandpaper to ensure everything was at right angles. I can now mark out the length of the canoe between the two stems. I have bevelled the stems by trial and error. Very hard to judge what angle planking will come onto them at, but it looks OK.
 MDF template, which was used to guide a router to cut the two moulds
The work so far. The fore and aft moulds are identical, but in the stern half they are an inch closer that in the forward half. This means that the maximum beam will be slightly behind the mid point. So not quite symmetrical fore and aft.
The bevelled stem. I have put short nails into each mould and stem at the shear line, to give something to fit a plank against.

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