27 August 2013

Unusual Bank Holiday weather

It has been hot and sunny. Very unexpected. Sunday morning was overcast, so I didn't mind spending time tied up in the marina, doing jobs. I had chosen my location carefully on the waiting pontoon, where it goes through a dog leg bend. By choosing the right spot, I can lower the mast, and it sticks over the pontoon, allowing easy access to the mast top. I have fitted a proper topping lift at last, plus a new Lewmar no 6 winch to control the main and jib halyards. All works beautifully. I have rearranged all of the lines coming back to the cockpit, with halyards and winch all to starboard now. The winch now allows me to get the sails and rig really taut. The topping lift allows the lazy jacks to be slackened off, which aids both raising and lowering the sails.

Two chaps came along whilst I was working and said they had come to admire my boat. Always welcome,. Then one confessed that he had a Baycruiser 23 on order, which was due to be delivered  "in August" I shall be interested to see if he gets it before the end of the week.

Sailed out for the afternoon. I thought of anchoring south of Brownsea Island, but there must have been 40 yachts anchored there. I sailed on to Shipstal Point, which is even prettier and there were only four boats there.

Next morning sailed slowly ( but faster than a Cornish Shrimper) through the harbour and out into Studland Bay, where I anchored for lunch and a snooze. BayCruiser 20 no 3 (now called Sigma Six) anchored nearby, just showing what pretty boats these are.

Sailed back in to Bramblebush Bay where I anchored again and went swimming (yes, it was that warm) and finally back in to the marina. Hard to believe that I will only be down a couple more times at most before then end of the season.

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