1 November 2013

Cooker box under way

I have fancied the idea of a simple cooker box ever since I got the Origo alcohol stove. I always move it out into the cockpit to use, which means moving the cooker, then looking for the matches, then for a fork, then for cooking oil, salt etc. I want to put everything into a simple container that I can just pick up and move.  Finally got round to starting on it, using scrap wood and plywood lying around the. The base is 9 mm ply. The two handles are made from a redundant dingy thwart. The rest of the wood is a rather nice thin plank of oak I have had for ages and never found a use for. I am sure that tomorrow I will find the perfect place for it, but it is sawn up now. This will just be a glue and paint job in the end.


  1. When you put the pan on to cook wont the heat burn the wood?
    I have built one this year for my new boat and lined inside with thin aluminium.
    I used two door kicker plates which just happened to be the right width!

  2. To be honest, I never thought of that!. Food for thought.

  3. I have tested it by putting my frying pan on it, filled with water, and brought up to boiling. The handles get warm, but that is all. I think with a gas stove it really would scorch, but the alcohol flame has no pressure behind it so doesn't spread out so far. Are you using alcohol or gas?