19 January 2014

Navigation instruments all in place

I have fitted all the instruments, including my Sony Android tablet, to check that they all fit in, work and can actually be seen. The tablet works well sitting on the cabin table. That puts it in the shade, protects it from the rain but keeps it within reach. I can even plug it into the USB charging point I installed. I have fitted a shock cord across the end of the table to hold the tablet in place. All seems to work well in the shed. I will install the Navionics navigation app, but not yet. They keep on updating it so often that I will wait until just before launch before downloading it


  1. Hello Julian. You are being a busy boy - its looking good. I am trying to update my blog about my Shilling - but it freezes when I try to upload photos. Have you been having similar problems? Jeremy

  2. Hi Jeremy. I uploaded most of my pictures from Picasa, which is another Google site, and they seem to load OK. I have been using Flikr lately, which is a bit more complicated, but I am getting tired of the way Google keeps trying to make me join their Google + network, so I am moving things away from them.
    I think I saw you and your Shilling anchored off Shipstal last year. She is a very good looking boat.

  3. Thanks for the compliment Julian. I saw you there too, but we were beyond hailing distance. I have found a way back in to the Blog by going in via Google Chrome. It must be a Microsoft IE 11 glitch. I will add more pics now, including some from the Old Gaffers 50th I went to in Cowes. Furthest solo trip so far. Jeremy