14 November 2014

Moving this blog to Wordpress, Nov 2014

I am going to continue this blog on a new Wordpress site. I have got tired of the restrictions and changes that occur to the image library here on Blogspot. Google try to tie the whole thing too tightly to Google+ and I have just got fed up with it. The old posts will stay here, but if you want to read any new ones, Please hop over to:


  1. Interesting - I have never been asked to go Google+, and am still not... having said that, I can tell you I use Wordpress to back up my Blogger content - so if you want to take the whole of this blog over to Wordpress it's very easy to do... and I will of course be following you on the new site... :o)

    1. I think I'll leave this old site here and just let it fester. I am much happier with the way Wordpress works, although there are still quirks

    2. And sorry for such a late reply, I only just looked back at the old site