21 March 2012

Vital fuels loaded

I have loaded the beer, coffee and tea. Only fuel still needed is petrol for the engine. Hope to get her down to Poole on April 1 if the weather is any good, but it may not be until later in the week. The sailing in April is nearly always good, but cold at night as the water is still frigid. I also want to do a little work on the wooden strips which align the mast sections. The sail sliders for the full length batten can get caught on them when they come down. A bit of chamfering should ease it. I wanted to glue the mast solid, but didn't have the nerve to do it on my own. Not a job you want to get wrong...

14 March 2012

We can go boating on the Thames

Daisy G has had her boat safety scheme inspection and passed successfully, so we can go boating on the  Thames now. The BSS is primarily about fire safety for inland waters, so not too much of a problem as I don't have a fixed gas system. I don't know when we will go on the river, but likely in August or September. I will need a licence for when we are on it, but that can be purchased from a lock keeper. I will leave all sailing rig at home, I couldn't face raising and lowering masts for all the bridges. We are close to Lechlade, where there is a good launching slipway and plenty of trailer parking. It will be quite a different experience.

6 March 2012

Blue Peter for sale

Ian Proctor Blue Peter dinghy. 8ft long. Full buoyancy. Topper style sail. Rudder and dagger board. Needs repainting but otherwise sound. In garage in Gloucestershire £250

Contact julian.swindell@jegsweb.co.uk for more information

Ready for 2012?

I have reached the point where I am just drumming my fingers. All seems ready for the new sailing season apart from the last minute essentials: fuel, coffee, tea, milk of some sort, biscuits within reach of the cockpit and a good store of beer. I have got the boat off her axle stands, and a quick check with the tape measure confirms I can still get in and out of the shed. The one thing I can't really do is raise the mast and check the new lanyards I have fitted to the shrouds. Hopefully they will be the same length as the old ones, but they are bound to stretch a bit. The engine is back after a more major service than I expected. The water pump was badly worn. Not surprising with all the mud I plough through at Poole.

As Daisy G is on her wheels again, I have been pushing her round the shed to try to see how big a boat I could build whilst she is in store. I could certainly squeeze in a 14ft boat, and possibly bigger if I can sell my Blue Peter dinghy. Anyone interested in an 8ft GRP dinghy?