About Daisy Grace

Daisy Grace at anchor off Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour, April 2010
Daisy Grace is a Swallowboats Baycruiser 20 trailer-sailer. She is hull number 1, a fact of which I am inordinately proud. I saw her predecessor, the 20ft open Bayraider at the Beale Park Boatshow in June 2008. I had a trial sail in her with her designer/builder Matt Newland and made the fatal mistake of saying
"She's lovely, but I'm really looking for a cabin boat."
"I've designed a cabin version, I'm just waiting for the first order to start building..."
I went to Cardigan a few days later to see the workshop and have a sail in a Bayraider on the sea. I was hooked. I liked the boat and I liked the builder, so I crossed my fingers and ordered a brand new, untested design  "off plan" that would soak up my entire savings.

Building started in February 2009 and I took delivery in July. Within a week my daughter and I had sailed her from Poole to the Isle of Wight and back. I have never regretted the rash decision to buy. I hadn't really been looking for any sort of boat at all.

Just started. Hull planked and being epoxied

Right way up, undercoated with a lot of epoxy filler...

On display at the Beale Park Show, June 2009

Keyhaven, during the English Raid, 2010

At anchor in her home waters, off Green Island, Poole Harbour

Daisy Grace at launch in Cardigan, July 2009

All photos by Nick Newland

Launching Daisy Grace for my first sail, Cardigan

Swallowboats capsize testing for RCD certification

Sailing off Bournemouth with the helm lashed. She held her course for half an hour.