30 September 2012

Doing it properly for once

I have started stripping off fittings in order to repaint thoroughly. I have got a cordless impact screwdriver, and it is so easy to take off and reinstall fittings that for once I am doing things properly. But first I have photographed each side of the cabin roof to make sure I know where everything goes back.

I keep on about how useful the cordless multitool is, but I can't get over how useful it is. I have refitted two lengths of plastic conduit, and to get them exactly the right length to allow a right angle connector to be fitted between them has always been near impossible. Now I can saw off half millimetre lengths until it fits perfectly.

29 September 2012

Jobs progressing

I still haven't completely emptied the boat, but I have already done several jobs. All "water tight" hatches removed. They all leaked, and it turns out none had been bedded on sealant fully. I bailed five bucket loads of rain water out of the stern cockpit lockers. It must have all got in through poor seals.
I have also rerouted the cable from the solar panel into the cabin in a route that keeps it away from various ropes. This require the companionway hatch being removed, but that needed some repairs anyway, so it needed to come off.
I have also been planing down the timber trim around the cabin roof. It has always stood slightly proud of the roof, making a potential water trap. A sharp block plane reduced it to flush all round and my wonderful new multi-tool has sanded it all smooth in no time. I love it.

25 September 2012

Winter work already underway

I bought myself a Bosch cordless multitool and already wonder how I managed without. I have moved the tracks for the jib sheet lead blocks further back. I have wanted to do it all year. That left three bolt holes in each grab rail. I simply drilled them bigger, hammered in some dowelling and then cut them off flush with the multi cutter. Swapped to a narrow sanding attachment and the whole job was smoother and finished in a few minutes. I then used the same sander to clear off all of the paint drips I had got on the cabin roof edge, which I have not been able to do with a large sander, and couldn't face doing manually. By the end of the winter I shall either have an immaculate boat, or a very large pile of saw dust. It is quite addictive...

22 September 2012

Haul out day

It really is the end of the season. I had Daisy G lifted out, pressure washed and put on the trailer. I know I can retrieve her myself, but I just wanted it to be quick and hassle free. Baiter is such a shallow angled slipway it is always a nuisance to use, especially if it is busy.

Towed home with no problems and no losses as far as I can tell. No major works planned for the winter other than a complete, proper repaint. There are lots of bumps and scrapes which need to be sorted. I painted the companionway washboards with ordinary Dulux exterior paint this year, and they have weathered at least as well as the marine paint used elsewhere, if not better, so for the superstructure I am going to use it for everything. I will still do the hull in Toplac as I like the colour and it doesn't actually take that much. The next few days will just be unloading and tidying up ropes etc.