31 December 2011

Tiller extension

I have started making a tiller extension. I didn't want to use an of the peg one, partly because they seem so expensive for a bit of aluminium tube. I bought a hinge and cut a piece of softwood to fit. I want it to lie neatly along the tiller, so this required a slight curve, which was the other problem with a bought one, they are straight. I curved it by using a hot air gun on the underside whilst I bent it in a vice. Worked just nicely, with a slight scorch mark under the curve, which lenads an artisan air to it. It was slightly loose at the hinge so I stiffened it up with two glued wedges, which stick out on the photo. These have now been cut back. I glued a cheek on each side of the handle area and will carve them to a comfortable grip.

27 December 2011

Outboard fairing flap

One of the flaps in the outboard well had broken off. I have managed to get a meter of slot strip, which is plastic reinforced with sail cloth. I sandwiched a piece of fibreglass tissue between two lengths of it and glued the whole lot together with epoxy. This seems to have made a suitable strip. I unscrewed the covering board underneath and slid in the new bit and all seems well. I don't think it needs antifouling in practise, but it looks a bit bright at the moment.

I have been washing down the superstructure ready for sanding and painting. She is remarkably dirty.

20 December 2011

Everything must earn its place

One of the old sailing mantras is that everything on board must have at least two uses to justify its being carried. My new gallows supports the mast when lowered, the mast, boom and mizzen when towing and the boom at anchor. It holds the lateral navigation lights up where they can be seen. It also gives me a secure, easily visible spot to fix my trailer lighting board, which is much more visible than the current end of trailer location hidden away under the boat. That's five uses already. If I get around to it, it will also be the end frame to a spray hood extension. With six uses, I think that just about justifies it.

16 December 2011

Boom gallows finished

Gallows painted, with just a little touch up needed when I paint the rest of the boat. Wiring and navigation lights went on without a problem and it is all done. Feels quite firm, but the bases are held just by six screws. There would be a lot of leverage on them if someone crashed into the gallows, but I don't think that should be a great risk.

The only new bits I still want to add to the boat are a tiller extension, which I will start on in the new year, and some extra windows in the spray hood, which I will get done professionally some time.. After that it is just cleaning painting and getting ready for the next season.

6 December 2011

New navigation lights ready for fitting

I have got my navigation lights from Piplers of Poole. Neat little LED lumps which are designed for RIBS but I think they will be just fine for me.  They should draw under 2W between them.

I have fitted the stern light without much trouble. The side lights will have to wait until I have painted the booms gallow support and screwed it in place. Then I can put one at each end.

I have wired them in temporarily to check that the basic idea works and it does. I shall feel much safer sailing around in the gloaming, which often happens to me when I am looking for good anchorage in the evening.