20 June 2011

Windy Sunday (18nm 152nm total)

I went down late on Saturday afternoon with promise of good weather on Sunday. Sort of worked. Very windy when I got there (F5-F6) so I motored out to Shipstal Point, which has been the most sheltered spot for most of the last month (Winds in Southwest to West). Only one other boat there which is unusual for a Saturday. Wind died down and I saw a spectacular firework display over Poole Quay. Heavy rain during the night, but the morning was glorious. Very low tide with water birds and a seal all round. By 10:00 it was cloudy and fairly windy (F4ish) so I sailed reefed over to look at a new house which is rising on Green Island (sold five years or so ago for a rumoured 5-7 million pounds. I think they are also dredging a deep water mooring as well. It will be one of the best houses in England when it is finished.
View from Shipstal Hill over Poole Harbour

Anchored in semi-shelter off the north shore of Brownsea Island for a bouncy lunch (spilt most of my soup). Eventually the sun did break through, but still windy and cool. I sailed down the harbour to Rockley channel, Back up to Arne Peninsula for a short break and then stormed up towards Parkstone. Slightly disconcerted to be faced by the three masted training vessel Lord Nelson coming backwards out of Poole Quay. It was clearly the best way to manoeuver slowly out of a tight space against a strong headwind. I tacked over to Brownsea to keep well out of her way, dropped soils and put the engine on for the first time that day to motor back to the mooring. Good sailing but I long for warm sun and gentle breezes.
Lunch time anchoring, with table earning its keep.

13 June 2011

Cruising maps

I have cut back the number of maps on googlemaps as the whole thing was becoming congested. Only interesting ones showing now. Have also had to cancel plans to go to the second english raid due to other commitments. I am also experimenting with settings on my phone to make it a bit more blog friendly. Better photo below as a result I hope.

12 June 2011

Very mixed weekend 15nm total 134nm total

Down after work on Friday and two nights on the boat, although the forecast was mixed and correct. anchored off North shore of Brownsea Island for shelter from south wind. On Saturday night I anchored of Shipstal Point for shelter form a West wind. On Sunday morning I was woken by being bounced around by a strong north wind and heavy rain in the roof.
Just pottered round the harbour, fitted a cockpit table and on Saturday cycled, without really meaning to, from Parkstone to Studland and back. Lovely trip on a sunny day with only a bit of a hill here and there. I tried the folding bike in the cabin and it does fit, but I would only take it if I thought I really would use it.

View 2011-06-11 13:03 in a larger map
Quite a physical weekend, first cycling nearly 20 miles, then rowing a fair distance in the even, and then nearly having my arm wrenched out trying to hang onto the mooring buoy in F5. I gave up and dropped my boat hook. Realised that the spray hood being up was acting like a sail, so I went round, stowed it, picked up the hook and went back and got the buoy on the third attempt. Quite messy but no damage done. On the plus side, the telescopic boat hook has been jambed for a year. Now it isn't...

Foul day for ducks

Last night was just about perfect. Little wind, lovely sunset, birds and deer walking and flying around. I rowed through salt marshes and even saw two seals, which are rare around here. This morning it was pouring and blowing F 5+ . Motored back to the marina with the spray hood up. The biggest problem was finally picking up the mooring. Took 3 goes and I lost a boathook in the process (but managed to catch it later). Glad to be back on dry, steady land.

11 June 2011

Dry sailing the good ship FB Brompton

I sailed back to pontoon to do a bit of shopping. Found I would be stuck for over an hour by the low tide, so I got my trusty Brompton out of the boot and cycled to Studland, where I am now enjoying a wheat beer in the sun. Sadly, even with a ferry crossing I can still cycle to Studland faster than I can sail there.

10 June 2011

Anchored off Brownsea Island

In the rain. But at least the wind has dropped and it is bright in the distance. I am hoping to be out for two nights but it depends on the weather. The alternative was the Beale Park Boat show, but I think that has got quite boring over the last few years. Each year it is just the same as the last one. I gather Matt Newland will have a Baycruiser 23 there, but I am not in the market for a new boat!
Have installed my cockpit table and I am really pleased with it. Just need some sun so I can dine on deck.

6 June 2011

Just a maintenance visit

After a beautiful day in London on Saturday it was a horrible day in Poole on Sunday. Light drizzle giving way to heavy drizzle giving way to heavy rain etc. I went anyway as I don't like to leave the boat unchecked for too long. Just motored her to the pontoon and carried out a few minor alterations. I have an old cam cleat fitted now to hold the lazy jacks/Topping lift lines, which works well and will save time when I am trying to lower or raise the sail. I have also got a proper flag pole at the top of the mizzen for my little ensign and a new storage bag just inside the cabin to hold log book, tidal stream atlas etc. And to keep me busy at home for a bit, I am fitting a pedestal support to the cockpit floor boards so that I can use the plank I use as a movable bridge deck as a cockpit table. Just hoping for some sunny weather to use said table when it is finished.
I also noticed that although I was on the boat for a couple of hours in steady rain, I felt no need of the cockpit tent, just the spray hood. I think I shall dump the tent idea.