28 August 2009

Near gale force winds 15.9nm (203.4)

Last sail before we go away on holiday. I met Nick and Vicki Savage, who are thinking of buying a BayCruiser. I took them out for a sail towards Brownsea Island and back. They seemed to enjoy the sail, but Nick was saying he wanted to sit out and use a tiller extension. Not my kind of sailing, I like to sit inboard with something behind my back. Anchored for the night at Shipstal Point, which gives good shelter from the west. A good choice as there was a gale warning issued for sea areas Wight and Portland (i.e. where I was) from the west. Three Drascombes had anchored in the same area for the same reason I should think. The night was quiet, but the next day got quite wild. Sunny but very windy all day. The Poole Yacht Club weather station recorded a maximum gust of 36kts, which was force 7.

I sailed from Shipstal with just jib and mizzen. When we topped 6kts I was glad I hadn't put anything else up. It got very bouncy in the North Channel, near Brownsea, so I started the engine and motored to the lee of Arne penisula, where I anchored for a few hours and built a mock up galley store unit in MDF to hold all the plates and cups. Next I plan to take it all apart and remake it in decent wood. Should keep me busy.

The photo shows Daisy Grace anchored off Arne with the Drascombe Caboteur Hippo anchored beyond. A couple of other Drascombes joined her later. I think there must have been a rally on. We waved but couldn't talk over the wind.

I am amazed to see I have already covered over 200nm in Daisy Grace since I got her. Almost as much as I would do in a full six month season normally. Just shows how much more distance I can cover in the time available, which was the initial driver for finding a new boat after my Winkle Brig.


  1. muy buen blog !!! saludos desde argentina.

  2. The boat in the background is not a Caboteur but a converted Drascombe Gig. The boat is owned by the editor of the Drascombe Assoc.News and is well known in the Association.

  3. Last weekend was a Drascombe Association Rally at Poole.

  4. Thanks for the correction on Hippo. I knew she wasn't a Longboat, but wasn't sure what she was. Nice looking boat.