1 August 2009

Second day out 16.8nm (27.3)

We went for a second sail this week which was very successful. Gentle winds and warm sun, which is my kind of sailing weather. We still hit over 6kts and cruising speed seems to be between 4.5 and 5.5kts as a norm. I was scrambling back and forward to the fore deck to anchor, fiddle with the foresail and just soak up the sun. The handrails on the roof are essential and work well. It also shows how you have to get used to a new boat. I just hopped up and down on the cabin of my old Winkle Brig. When I did that here I nearly broke a leg, it is a lot further down and you do need to use the side decks to go forward. They are wide enough to do this easily afloat.
While we were anchored off Shipstal Point, a Swallow Boats Storm 17, Little Grebe, sailed by to say hello. The ivory sailed ketch rig is surprisingly distinctive from a long way off. I had spotted her about a mile away.

I am still impressed by the way the little Danforth anchor holds, but it may be that we have anchored on mud, with very good holding properites.

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