21 June 2010

Short social sail in the sun 9.2nm (150.2nm total)

Short cruise on a lovely sunny day with wife and two friends. Vey light, very fickle wind which kept flipping around. We sailed to Brownsea Island and anchored on the shore for a picnic. Large flotilla of Drascombes building up off-shore gave us a wave. We had an unofficial competition with a Cornish Shrimper to see who could pull their boat closer to the shore on a very gently shelving sandy beach. We won. I managed to get Daisy G about four feet from the high water mark whilst still afloat. They were about twenty feet off. It was one of those Poole Harbour tides when there was an eight hour tidal stand. Makes it just like the Mediterranean for half a day. Even the water was warm and clear.
After picnic we slowly sailed round Furzey and Green Isalnds, with a detour to gawp at the "footballers' houses" on Sandbanks. They are built cheek by jowl with very little garden and no privacy. I wouldn't choose to live there, but in reality they aways seem to be empty, so maybe nobody does. They are just another bit of bling.
Eventually motored back to marina as we were just drifting. All worked well. I noticed I have been grinding into the main halyard cleat by heaving the rope round it. I need to pull direct from the deck organiser or else replace the nylon cleat with a metal one. Taking some more friends out next week. The cockpit will take four, but it is quite cosy.

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