19 September 2010

Last sail of the season 8nm (417nm total)

Down just for the day to get Daisy G. ready for haul out. It was a beautiful date, but an edge to the temperature and the sun sets at 7:15. I noticed when I got on board that my jib sheet had been wrapped around my mizzen, which is not how I left it. Further inspection showed that the ties around the mizzen sail had slipped off and the sail must have been flogging. Someone had come on board and wrapped the sheet around it to stop it ripping itself apart. The mizzen sprit was a bit bashed and the ensign has disappeared but apart from that no damage. Nice to know someone is keeping an eye out and did something about it.

There was the gentlest of wind, so I decided to sail off the mooring for the fun of it. By all my calculations, I should have drifted slowly backward with just main and mizzen loose. But as soon as I cast off the mooring, she started to drive slowly forward. I just missed the neighbouring boat. I'll never get the hang of this sailing business.

I sailed very slowly across the harbour and round Furzey and Green Islands. Only one tack needed and then round to Brownsea Island, where I anchored and went ashore for a walk. I was aground when I got back, so I pumped out the ballast tank and was able to push her off. I motored straight back to the marina and tied up to the pontoon. Unloaded an embarassingly large amount of stuff, took off the sails and then lowered the masts. The carbon fibre is worth it, lowering the main mast is a completely undramatic affair.

As I was stowing everything two little girls came running down the pontoon from a boat that had just tied up behind me.

"Guess what my sister's name is!"
"Ooh, I don't know, is it Mary?"
"No, it's Daisy Grace!"

I congratulated her on an excellent name. My Dasiy Grace is back on her mooring, looking a bit folorn with her masts down. I shall haul her out at the begining of next month.


  1. My dates coming up soon as well - we have lift out on the 8th/9th Oct.. seems like only yesterday that I was putting her in the water! Despite a duff early start - dismasted! - it's been a good season.

    Still time for a couple more sessions for me though - short sail next weekend, and then a big one sometime after that all the way round Hayling Island in time for the lift out...

    Just to say I've enjoyed your blog this year, enough in fact that I purposely searched out your boatmaker at the Southampton Boat show so I could have a closer look - nice boat..

    Here's to more in 2011... :o)

  2. Echo Steve's comments. Great to read. I'll need the rest of October, weather permitting, to catch up with your 417 miles...!!

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