6 September 2010

Peanut sails

I have made up a sail for the Peanut model which is is as near as I can judge the size and proportion of the mizzen sail and mast from the BayCruiser. It looks much more possible than I imagined. It is tall, so the healing effect of the mast will be significant, but it is carbon fibre so the weight will not be great. The sail area doesn't look too bad and the short length of the boom is positively beneficial. I would envisage just a single rope from the boom as a sheet. Maybe a couple of thumb cleats to hook it round on the quarters, but probably just held in the hand.

I have also found that I can get some Asian marine ply locally for about £25 a sheet. Not the best I suspect, but good enough I should think. It is meant to be a two sheet boat, but that doesn't include the fore deck, rudder and lee board, so I shall need three sheets. That should mean that potentially £100 would cover ply and epoxy.

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