26 January 2011

Roof slates going on

The slates are going on at last. This view was taken yesterday morning. This whole side has now been completed and they have started on the far slope. The builder is huffing and puffing about how fiddly mitring all of the slates into the valleys is. It is, but it would have looked awful with a flat roof or plain felt.
The whole shed is looking very dominant, partly because it is set up at the top of a slope and partly because the base has had to be built up so high on the house side. When the trees are in leaf it will be largely invisible from this view point. We are going to grow creepers and vines up over this elevation as well, so I think it will all scale down. From the road it looks quite small, which was the intention. That is also why we got planning permission in an AONB without any problems. The local parish council actually supported the application as it tidied up a rough corner and could get some parking off the road, which is always an issue around these lanes.
People often ask how I manage to tow a 20ft boat up to here. The answer is you have to know the way. The direct route is impossible. Only 6ft wide, 1:4 slope and as twisty as a duodenum. The correct route is 2 miles further, only 1:6 and all of 8ft wide. Simple really. The trickiest bit is when you get to us. You can pull the boat straight out of the shed onto the lane, but you can't back it in with the car. You have to park at right angles to the entrance, unhitch the trailer, swing it round 90o and then push it in.

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  1. You say at last, how long did it take the roof slates to be ready for installation?