15 January 2011

Shed wall largely complete

Most of the boarding is on apart from the far end wall and the gables. Then the roof tiles and the main doors to go on. The boarding on the front is run right through to the trees to give a bit of privacy to the areas around the back. There should be just enough room to park a car to the side of the main doors. The site is a very odd shape. I think it will be about another two weeks until it is all done. Then I have got to hope that the boat fits in!


  1. HI Julian, looking great and like the idea of taking bording to the trees, makes a nice little area for car or whatever. Can't wait to see roof on and boat inside.



  2. Hello Julian

    I read in an older post that you sailed a Winkle Brig before Daisy Grace. How would compare the two boats in terms of seaworthiness, speed under sail, accommodation and general handling?

    Best regards
    Matthias (Berlin/Germany)


  3. Hi Matthias
    Yes I sailed Winkle Brig no 6 for several years. A lovely boat and seaworthy enough, We sailed it from Poole to the Isle of wight and the River Hamble with no problem. The reason I changed was partly I wanted more space, but also more speed. I can only get away to sail at the weekends on the whole. I had covered just about everywhere I could sail to in the WB. With a faster boat I can cover a much greater range in the time. The Baycruiser has much more accommodation and I love the yawl rig. The Winkle Brig has amazing accommodation for such a tiny boat, but it is tiny and quite heavy. You need a braked trailer for it, but not for the Baycruiser, and that makes a big difference. I still maintain a Winkle Brig web site. Have you seen it? I can't get anyone else to take it over.