4 March 2011

Let there be light

I have installed both LED units and I am very impressed. They are very simple and basic, but that means switched off they are practically invisible. At £5 a unit, the LEDs cost about £1 each.

I only tested one at night, and it lit up the cabin well enough to read easily in the dark. Two units should provide more than enough light for my use. I tend to use an oil lamp at anchor, but it will be nice to be able to just "turn on the lights".

I have no plans at the moment for anything more than my current battery powered emergency navigation lights, but if I decide I need something more powerful, I will certainly look at LEDs. The usual ones from chandlers are horribly expensive, but that must come down. You can buy the basic LED for very little, so there will be no justification for high prices continuing. Sea Rolf offer navigation bulbs at about £12 each. They are about £50 from chandlers.

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