6 March 2011

Most winter jobs just about complete

I've had a full weekend to get on with outstanding jobs. Primarily painting. I painted the cabin, decks and cockpit matted ivory. Some paint lifted on the  cabin roof for some reason. Possibly because it was too cold, but nothing serious. Today I taped and painted the hull Donegal green. It looks pretty good for a rollered finish. All that is left is to paint the white boot top with white antifoul, which I will try to do during the week. The timber trim needs restaining, but that is easy at anytime. I usually touch it up during the season, even when afloat, so no panic to get that done.

I have bent on all the sails apart from the jib, which is rolled on its wire and I will raise it when I launch. Fitting all the reefing lines is a challenge off the  boat. I'm sure I have got them twisted somewhere. I have put both masts on the boat and tied them down. I have attached the shrouds and reeved all the control lines in place, so either the whole thing will go up in a minute, or I'll have the most almighty cat's cradle. (Despite my best endeavours it has always been the latter.)  I still need to refit the sail cover, but I wanted to check that all fits as it should. Everything does seem to just fit into place as planned. The boom stowed under the mast gallows just clears the spray hood and there is just room for the stowed mainsail between the boom and the mast.
I have rigged up the top section of a fishing rod as a flag staff to raise up on the mizzen mast. It should get my ensign above the sail and by running the halyards down through the rod's rings, I should be able to keep it vertical. I need a new ensign to test it. My old one blew away when the sail undid itself on the mooring.

I spent ages trying different ways of folding the spray hood. Seems a daft thing to do, but I have managed to stow it about two inches lower, which makes a great difference to the vision forward. Both anchors are back in their lockers. The main item to refit is the engine. Stupidly, I can't remember if I changed the oil in the autumn, so I'll have to change it again, just the be certain. Always a messy job.

I have poured some water system cleaning agent into the fresh water tank, which I should pump out tomorrow. I'll refill it at the marina. No point in towing 50kg of water down the motorway.

I need to get all jobs finished because there are only two weekends left before we go to India, and I want to be able to launch as soon as we get home.

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