12 August 2011

So much for a winter project...

I had half an hour free before I went to work. It only took 25 minutes to cut out the sides and transom. Most of those minutes were spent standing back and admiring what I had done.

First side cut. It took about three minutes using my beautiful new Japanese pull saw. It holds a straight line almost perfectly, and all the lines on this boat are, or at least can be straight.

Both sides cut, with the waste section used for the transom. About ten minutes in total.

The basics of the boat! I am sure it must get harder as I try to stick it all together. I have cut the transom over-large with the top edge straight. This will make it easier to work on the hull upside down. I will do the inner transom next in 9mm ply wood, with the top edge curved. The outer transom can be shaped to it later. Now off to work.

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