18 February 2012

Boot top finally painted

 It has warmed up a bit and I finally put two more coats on the boot top and peeled the masking tape off. Came off very cleanly, even though it has been on for three weeks. Pleased with the results. I have widened it significantly towards the stern, where the sea water splashed well above it and there was a lot of weed.

I took the outboard down for a pre-season service as I couldn't figure out where the oil and fuel  filters even were, let alone replace them. Once that is back nearly all work will be done. I have placed the mast on the supports and tried to fit in the halyards. They are bound to be wound round some standing rigging somewhere. They always are. My imagined 10 minutes to raise and stay the mast always takes best part of an hour as I have to disentangle a cats cradle. I just need to bend on the main sail and load up the lockers over the next few weeks. Then hope for good weather this year.

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