25 February 2012

Getting the dinghy down from the roof

The weather is improving and I am hoping to get my little dinghy on the canal sometime soon. I can get it on and off my roof rack, just about, on my own, but the little up stand I fitted at the rear of the deck is an absolute nuisance. It catches on the bars of the rack as I work it on from the back of the car. I have thought of fitting a couple of runners on the deck, but the easiest solution might be just to take the up stand off. I also decided that I don't need the complexity of rudder, pintles, gudgeons etc on the transom. If I want to sail, I will just use an oar through a rope loop. I think it will work well enough. I shall also try without any form of lee board. There is bound to be lee way, but the lee chine might dig in enough to make it possible to make some ground to windward. But if not, I shall row up wind and sail down wind. I bought a pair of sectional oars at the boat jumble earlier in the month, and they fit in quite nicely.

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