6 March 2012

Ready for 2012?

I have reached the point where I am just drumming my fingers. All seems ready for the new sailing season apart from the last minute essentials: fuel, coffee, tea, milk of some sort, biscuits within reach of the cockpit and a good store of beer. I have got the boat off her axle stands, and a quick check with the tape measure confirms I can still get in and out of the shed. The one thing I can't really do is raise the mast and check the new lanyards I have fitted to the shrouds. Hopefully they will be the same length as the old ones, but they are bound to stretch a bit. The engine is back after a more major service than I expected. The water pump was badly worn. Not surprising with all the mud I plough through at Poole.

As Daisy G is on her wheels again, I have been pushing her round the shed to try to see how big a boat I could build whilst she is in store. I could certainly squeeze in a 14ft boat, and possibly bigger if I can sell my Blue Peter dinghy. Anyone interested in an 8ft GRP dinghy?

1 comment:

  1. Is the dinghy still for sale? If so how much?