18 June 2012

Out of the Harbour to Studland (16.8nm total 89.6nm)

Breezy day with some sunshine, but still not a proper summer. There are not many boats out sailing, the tourist boats are empty and it is all generally depressed. A sad note was that the mizzen sail on the other BayCruiser here had come loose during the gales over the last few days and was badly shredded. I went on board and took it down and left a note for the owner saying where he can get it repaired. I am all to familiar with the problem.

I sailed out of the harbour for the first time thus year and right over to Studland village. I anchored under the cliffs, but it was so cold I only stayed a few minutes and then headed back. Had a wonderful reach all the way back into the harbour and down to the Arne Peninsula. The Tall Ship Lord Nelson was also going in and out, taking people on a day sail. Not a ship I would want to have to handle in Poole Harbour in a strong wind.

I sailed from Arne back to Parkstone with the mizzen firmly stowed and I have to admit, she sailed just as well without it, if not even a little better. I often stow it if I am doing a lot of tacking, but this was a fast run, going well over 5kts most of the way.

What we need now is just a good long spell of warm, sunny, settled weather. Is that really too much to ask in June?


  1. Glad to see you got out. Saturday was awful, I helped my mooring neighbour get out to his boat on Saturday afternoon as his mainsail was getting pulled out of the cover. An interesting and exciting little episode. Like you I am all too familiar with sail repairs this year. The summer HAS to start soon. :)

  2. I hear you.... I was out too... beautifully sunny, but damn windy, and damn cold when I was in the shade from the main...

  3. too windy for us, it hit 60 knots down at Hurst Saturday afternoon - only a few more days and the nights start drawing in!!

    1. only a few more days and the nights start drawing in!!... There really is no need for that!