26 June 2012

Mid week sail (9.4nm 99.0nm total)

Down for a midweek day to do a few jobs and have a short sail. Fitted a cheek block where the main halyard goes under the sprayhood. It had pulled across and broken a seam in the hood when yanking up the main sail. Now the block keeps it off the hood. Restitched the seam.
Lowered the mast to refit the burgee, which had slipped and shredded. The boom gallows really makes it easy to lower and raise the mast. I tied up in front of a motor boat so that the top of the lowered mast stuck over it, and I could clamber on board to get at the burgee. I noticed later that screws in the goose neck mast fitting are loose, and I need to do a proper repair on them. The boom gallows is really successful. Keeps the boom still at anchor, holds the mast when it is lowered. The sheet doesn't foul it at all, but I did have to move the point where it is attached to the boom forward about a foot. It seems very firm and gives a good handhold going round the stern. At some stage I will use it to support the end of a cockpit tent, but with the way things are going this year, I don't know that I would have a need for one.

Sailed slowly to Shipstal Point and anchored for lunch, watching the harbour master's boat going around checking the navigation marks. Watched a huge super yacht moving slowly through the channels, trying not to go aground. It was from Switzerland! Called Gof I think. Very short name for a very long boat.

"Pete the Street's" painting of Daisy Grace in Wareham last year, with yours truly hanging over the bridge parapet. He calls it "Poplars from Wareham Quay" and wants over £6,000 for it! Don't think I shall be buying it, but can't think who else would be interested in it.

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