1 February 2014

A place for everything and everything in its place.

I do get pedantic about having somewhere for everything to go. Comes from having a small boat. I have just installed a winch handle holder from Barton. Delightfully simple. It is basically just a winch socket, screwed to a bulkhead. The handle's spigot just locks into it as in a winch, and pops out in the same way. Much less intrusive than a winch handle pocket. I have spent some time trying to get it in the right location, so that it is easily to hand when needed, but not in the way of lounging against the bulkhead when stowed. I think this should work.

And what is the square black box on the coaming? A place for everything, including my coffee cup. I spill more coffee over the cockpit than any amount of sea water that comes in. This may help to reduce spills.

It isn't all that robust. Just fold out plastic bits and a couple of coil springs on the retainer arms. I have to use two hands, one to spread the arms and one to pop the mug in. That is not great. I might try propping the arms open enough to drop the mug in. There is another one on the port side, I'm not totally asocial.

I have repainted the anti-foul boot top stripe and dare I say it, there is not much else to do before she is ready for the new season. Still need to bend on the mainsail to the boom and check out all the fittings on that, but that will be about it. I have changed the oils on the outboard and run it in a tank several times. I have discovered the main reason I have had trouble starting it in the past is due to having too much throttle. It floods the carburetor. Basically, if you do what it says in the handbook, it starts just fine. There must be a lesson there somewhere...

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