18 February 2014

Bilge pump and sails

I went to the West Midlands Boat Jumble on Sunday. Main thing I bought was a 12V bilge pump. Unbranded, but it looks just like a Rule pump. At £12 I felt it must be worth a try. I am going to use it to pump out the stern ballast tank, which never empties with the fitted pump, which drains from the bow tank. I have fitted a cigarette lighter plug so I can just plug it into the switch panel. I tried it to pump out a bucket of water, and was very impressed. Just a few seconds to empty a bucket. I can't really evaluate until I'm on the water, but if it works well. I may empty the tanks more often. It draws 2A, I have a 20Ahr battery, so I should have enough oomph to run it. So long as I have some sun during the week, the solar panel should be able to keep me charged for the weekends.

I have bent on the mainsail to the boom, which involves a lot of threading of reefing lines around the boom and through various fittings. But it is all on, and the all the spars are now secured onto the top of the boat. Just about ready to go, but I need to stock the galley and the cellar.

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