12 January 2010

London Boat show, 2010

I braved the snow and the cold to visit the London Boat show on Sunday. First time I have been for many years. It is not my sort of show, being mainly plastic power boats and expensive fashion. But it is interesting to see. Matt Newland was there with the first BayCruiser 23 on the Classic Boat stand. A strong family resemblance to my Daisy Grace, but look at the decks! Beautifully laid Douglas fir. I would be terrified of walking on them. The aft deck is so big that I am sure most of the extra length is taken up there. The cabin is bigger too, so the cockpit is much the same size, if not a little shorter. This first BC 23 will be sloop rigged. It will have an electric motor with a solid bronze drive leg mounted in the outboard well, with a folding propellor. I will be interested to hear what range it gets on charged batteries. The boat at the show did not have its mast and rig, which will be interesting to see in place.
I have fitted slatted floorboards in Daisy G's cockpit, but haven't been able to get to her for the best part of two weeks because of the snow. I bought some extra bits and pieces for her at the show, including some miles of cut price rope from English Braids, which I have various plans for. Role on good weather.

(PS If you look carefully in the top left corner of the picture, you can see a photo of Daisy Grace on a test sail at Cardigan on the stand's poster.)


  1. Very good to meet you briefly at the Boat Show. The blog has been great to read over the last few months, and all your thoughts and experience have helped formulate my thinking, and I'm now very much looking forward to my BC20 being ready for the coming season. I spoke with Matt today and they have just begun cutting the wood for the boat. Hope to catch up with you again at some point during the summer. My BC20 will be at Bosham (Chichester) this year but I might move across to the Hamble in 2011 which is a bit more in your direction. All the very best Andrew Bristow.

  2. Hi Andrew,
    Check back with Matt if "just began cutting the wood" refers to the plywood or the trees that the plywood will be made from...
    Whatever the answer it will be worth the wait. They are lovely boats. Maybe there will be a fleet of them on the south coast soon. There is another one due to be moored in Poole this year.

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