7 October 2010

End of season summary

The season is over and Daisy Grace is back home awaiting winter titivating. A summary of the 2010 sailing season from Poole:

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Number of visits down to the boat: 22
Total distance sailed: 417nm (I drove 10 times as far as I sailed...)
Nights on board: 16
Crew on occassion: 1 daughter, 1 wife, 1 sister and 5 friends
Cruising range: Swanage in the south, Wareham in the west, River Medina in the East and Southampton Water in the north
Biggest Cruise: English Raid for five days, sailing to and around the Western Solent
Oddest cruise: modelling for the Practical Boat Owner photographer for the Baycruiser review.
Best anchorages: Studland cliffs, anywhere off Brownsea Island, in the shallows below Shipstal Point.
Best Marinas: Parkstone Bay, Poole; Bucklers Hard, Beaulieu River
Worst anchorage: Swanage because of the disco on shore.

Plans for next year? Motoring down the Thames before relaunching at Poole. Getting at least as far west as Chapmans Pool and maybe even Weymouth.


  1. Great adventures in a small boat... I love it. Maybe see you out and about in Poole Harbour next year.

  2. I hope so. Always nice to see another Poole Harbour sailor. But you don't have to drive as far as me. I'm quite looking forward to the off season to get out of the car more!

  3. Very nice blog Julian. I'm hoping to spend a fair bit of time next season in Poole also, assuming I finish my boat!

  4. Hi Pete,
    What boat are you buidling? I've just got Daisy G. back from Swallowboats where she was having a few modifications, which I will post once the weather improves enough to take some photos. Then the winter work, which is almost as much fun as the summer sailing, apart from the cold.

  5. Julian
    She's a bit smaller than Daisy G, a Matt Layden Paradox!

    Should be ready for the 2011 season.

  6. I've seen Little Jim (I think she is called) at Poole Harbour and at Beale Park. I find the chine runners interesting. Everyine wonders if they really work. I have thought of using them on a pram dinghy to see if you can do away with the need for a leeboard. The Paraodx has a flat bottom I think, and my pram would have a shallow Vee, so maybe it would not be so effective. Still only thinking about it.