25 November 2010

Shed plans

All being well, work will start again soon on my boat shed. The long section will house Daisy G with room to move around her. It has to be quite a lot longer than the boat to allow for the trailer and the projecting rudder. I want to just be able to back her in without having to take any part off. The offshoot on the side will act as a workshop. Come the summer I can even park a car in her! There is room at the front to park a car behind the stone wall.

The intention is that the building will just appear as a small wooden shed, set behind the trees. We live in the Cotswold Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, so the planners want as little visual impact as possible. Hopefully this will keep them happy. We will soon hear.
I have to decide if I should have a workshop stove. It is so cold in the  winter that any work using epoxy is near impossible. A stove burning sawdust and offcuts might just make it possible.


  1. In my shed (or rather garage) I have a fan heater and a 4 bar convection heater... yours is going to be plush when it's finished though!

    Can I also suggest... radio and/or small TV also a separate kettle and mini fridge (to hold milk for tea/coffee, or beer when it gets warmer).. :o))

  2. I've already got my eye on a comfy arm chair and checking if the wifi will reach as far as the shed. My wife says she is expecting never to see me once it is built. I didn't like the look in her eye as she said that.

  3. Julian, the shed looks good so good luck with the building and I cannot wait to see it. Wood burner would be good but you will need some good insulation I guess.