19 August 2012

Sailing in the sun, not far and not fast (15nm 249nm total)

Down for the day as it was so hot and sunny. The thermometer in my cabin went over 30C for the first time this year. Not much wind, so I sailed out to Studland for lunch. Then back in to Bramblebush bay where I anchored and rowed into the shallows. There is a huge area which is too shallow for any boat, but I can get my dinghy into it. I need to spend a whole day there one day and just explore the shoreline. Fantastic for birds. I saw two immature guillemots off Studland, which I have never seen before.

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Nearly made a hash of picking up my mooring. Sailed into the painter joining the dinghy to the pickup buoy. It came undone. So much for my round turn and two half hitches. Mad scramble and I managed to hook in the painter and tie to the Samson post. Then realised I was tied to anything else, but fortunately, the engine had kept on tick over for once and I managed to reverse back to the pick up. Noticed I have a couple of nasty scratches in addition to the one I filled last week. I don't have plans for any building work this winter, so I think I will spend the six months repairing all defects and finally giving the boat a complete repaint.

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