3 October 2012

Outboard well flaps

Several of the flaps which overlap to fare the outboard well have either bent, cracked or broken off over the last three seasons. I have to decide whether they really warrant replacing. I am not sure they make that much difference. I have removed them frorm one side. Quite a job as they are sandwiched between a screwed on plywood sheet and the underside of the hull, all held in place with a thick layer of rubbery glue. It was quite a job to get one side off. Putting it back on will not be fun. The yard had the boat upside down when they were originally fitted. Can't see that happening here.

The flaps are double layers of centreboard slot gasket, glued together with a fibreglass infill. I made a couple last year, which was messy. I would need to make 22 to replace them all. I am thinking of building some sort of solid infill instead, but it would have to be easy to remove to lower the motor, and I'm not sure how feasible it really is. I may just leave it as a hole. I need to get the other side off however I decide to go ahead. Not a pleasant job. I don't like lying on my back under anything, trying to work on it overhead. Makes me feel nauseous.


  1. Can you not sandwich centreboard gasket with silkaflex ?

  2. Hi Julian, I had a fantasie 19 which had an out board well. It came with a blanking plate for when the motor is not in the well. I trimmed it to fit around the leg so it could be fitted with the outboard. It made quite a difference to both speed and the amount of noise generated.
    Maybe you could make something similar?

  3. I think the flaps were sandwiched with Sikaflex, as well as screwed in place with a plywood cover. That's what made it so hard to get them off. Careful prising with screwdriver to avoid splitting the plywood. I am also thinking of blanking plates as an alternative, but the space unfere the raised outboard is very tight. I think it would have to be a mulit part plate, which might not be practical. I have until spring to sort it out, so shoudl come up with something.

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