30 September 2013

Winter work starts

I hauled Daisy G out last Saturday. To be truthful, I got the marina to haul her out. I wanted a pressure wash before I took her home so I had her lifted, cleaned and loaded on to the trailer. It saves an awful lot of time and effort and made t an easy day.From arriving in Poole to having her on the trailer ready to go home was little over two hours.

I was pleased to see that the Baycruiser 23 which had been on show at Southampton the week before was moored just a few meters from me. If she stays there, there will be three Baycruisers in the marina, which must be a record. Very pretty boat, but she seems incomplete without a mizzen.

The only problem potentially was with the trailer tyres. When I got home, without any mishap, I noticed one tyre was badly worn on the inside. I think the inflation was OK, but doing a bit of research, I wonder if those particular tyres are overloaded. I was probably also driving too fats as the roads were quite clear. I shall have to think over that over the winter.  I'm slowly offloading everything and got the sails packed away nice and dryly dues to the amazingly warm weather.

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