7 October 2013

Instruments moved

I have moved all of my instruments to one area, fixed on the starboard cabin bulkhead. Doesn't look much of a change, but it is for me. I have always used a removable instrument panel in the companion way, but I got fed up with it last year. Always a bit of a fiddle to get in place, and then it was hard to get into the cabin. Now they are all on the bulkhead. The GPS and compass slide out for storage and the depth sounder is bolted in place. I have lowered the latter a few inches, so that everything is in a "single glance" position. Amazingly, the drilled-out core for the wiring was still lying on my workbench after two years, so I glued it back in place and drilled a new hole lower down. The wires are all still loose inside, but I am planning to move the fuse box anyway, to make it a bit more accessible. I have also been careful to ensure I can still lean back comfortably against the bulkhead when lounging in the cockpit.

I have through bolted the winch and jammer on the cabin roof, which makes them much more secure. However, it does mean I have protruding bolt ends in the cabin at a point where they could easily gash a head. I am going to have to devise a cover of some sort for them.

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