19 May 2014

Sunny sailing and mast tweaking (24.5nm)

Down to Poole for a couple of days. Hot and sunny and a breeze, what more could I ask. Spent the first day fiddling with my mast rake. I had read on the Swallow Boats association forum that various people were concerned about their mast rake. I had a feeling that mine was leaning forward very slightly. I checked this by hanging a weight from the topping lift and seeing where it hung when the boat was floating and steady. It was actually leaning forward slightly. I believe that mast should have a slight rake to the stern, so I adjusted the fixings at the bases of the shrouds. This involved raising and lowering the mast several times... The first time I found that the boom was just grazing the boom gallows, which is not good. Eventually I think I got it sorted and it seems to clear the gallows nicely, but the tension has to be kept high on the forestay/jib luff. It looks a bit too much on the photo, but I think this is partly a perspective effect.

In the evening and morning I was firmly aground, which I enjoy as it gives me a wonderful view of the birds and, in this case. of the Bournemouth tethered balloon seen beyond the Sandbanks ferry.
Second day I sailed out as far as Old Harry Rocks, then back in for lunch. Finally I experimented again just sailing with the main sail on its own, which worked very well. on a close reach I could tie off the tiller and she held her course, so the balance was just fine.

Hope the sunny weather continues. I do like sailing in the sun over a sparkling sea. No winter sailing for me.

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  1. "I do like sailing in the sun over a sparkling sea. No winter sailing for me." Me neither...! You work on the boat all winter, for days like last Sunday....