21 July 2009

Daisy Grace launched July 16, 2009

Now that Daisy Grace has been launched, I thought I would record early impressions of her here. A lot of people are interested in her, as a brand new design of radical concept (Light weight, high performance, water ballasted, high accommodation shallow water cruiser. Is it really possible to do all that?)

Matt Newland, her designer and builder, launched her for a test sail at Cardigan on July 16, 2009. I had my first sail on July 17, under mizzen and jib only. She is due for completion July 21 (today!) and I bring her home tomorrow.


  1. Hi Julian
    Just thought I'd register my appreciation (not to mention a certain degree of jealousy)for your new acquisition. I've been reading your weblog on the new Baycruiser 20 for some time now. The initial pictures and videos look stunning. Whilst I'm really more than contented with my Coaster, I can't help thinking that the Baycruiser 20 ticks pretty much every box for me...
    Look forward to reading about future developments and cruises.

  2. Thanks for your comments. I have now got her out on her mooring. Seems much bigger than my old Winkle Brig. I have yet to sail her from there, it was far too windy yesterday. I hope to go out in her properly this weekend, with my daughter as experienced helm (she's got an RYA Novice certificate. I only have Competent Crew (shore based)!
    The accommodation is great. I took on the boxes of stuff I accumulate. It all went into one locker, and the boxes have gone home. And that was the small locker. Matt is concerned that I am going to spoil all of his attempts to keep the weight down by overloading her with junk. I fear he may be right.