23 July 2009

Daisy Grace now on her mooring 0.5nm (0.5)

I towed Daisy Grace down to Poole this morning and spent the day rigging her and getting her ready. Raising the mast was straight forward as I got someone to pull on the jib halyard whilst I pushed the mast up. Being carbon fibre it is quite light. It took a long time to get all the strings sorted out before that, as I had managed to twist the top section of the mast around as I inserted it, and the resulting cat's cradle took some sorting out. I also replaced the temporary topping lift with a set of lazy jacks, which I think work, but won't know until I go sailing. She launched very easily, just slid off the trailer. Quite a job getting out to the mooring as there was very strong wind and spring tide and it was hard getting steerage way. In the end I motored backwards, which worked surprisingly well. No time to sail so she is bobbing on her mooring. I hope to go sailing with my daughter on Saturday.

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