22 July 2009

She's mine!

I went for a three hour sail with Matt Newland yesterday, and at lunchtime today I signed the cheque, Matt signed the receipt, and I drove off with Daisy Grace in tow. I have parked her at my College overnight (more room) and will take her down to Poole Harbour tomorrow. She sailed beautifully, even though I barely knew which rope was which. When she seemed to have too much weather helm, just easing the mizzen lightened her up. It will take me an age to figure out how to put her together tomorrow, but we'll get there in the end.
Picture is by Nick Newland, which I scanned and copied here so I hope he doesn't mind. Me at the helm trying to look like I know what I'm doing. Matt is in the cabin playing with the hatch. The first full sail for me, and a motor boat circled round us asking "what boat is that, she's beautiful."

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