18 July 2011

In Yarmouth

I'm sitting on Daisy G, in the rain in Yarmouth harbour. I am joining the English raid just for a day tomorrow, over in Lymington. Sailed 20nm in F5-6, downwind but motor sailing all the way, because I had to make the tidal gate at Hurst Point, and I was late. I made it with fifteen minutes to spare! Averaged 5.4kts and hit 9.2 surfing down a wave! Quite rewarding, but I still prefer warm sunshine and gentle breezes. I will go to newtown River before Lymington if the weather is at all good. Keeping my fingers crossed for fair winds home on Wednesday.


  1. At least you're out, well done.... haven't had a sail up on Papillon in over two weeks now.... :o((

  2. Hi Julian
    I'm interested in what piece of technology you are using when posting directly to your blog from the boat...

  3. Julian:
    I've got an android smart Phone (Samsung Galaxy S) It has a Blogger app which is OK. It links through the 3G telephone network if I can get a signal. I have 250MBytes a month data usage, which seems to be plenty. It isn't easy spelling corectly on a phone.

    Steve, I'm back home now, leaving the rest of the Riaders to carry on down the solent. Had to motor the whole way back as it was flat calm! what a summer