12 July 2011

Weekend installing new solar panel and tootling round the Harbour (31nm total 239)

Spent two nights at anchor. Got to the boat late afternoon and fitted a simple solar regulator and a new solar panel. I have a new 10W one which I managed to get at the price of a 5W one, so thought I may as well go for it. I was amazed that the plugs between the various parts were the same as those on the Maplin panel I had, so everything just clicked into place. even the conduit on the cabin roof could be reused, so the whole lot went in much more easily than I feared. then I fitted new supports for the boom scissors, which are much more substantial and probably far bigger than they need to be.

I realigned the jib sheet cleats a bit, but think that they probably still need to be angled a bit more to get a straight sheet run. With the new blocks on the clew friction is much more noticeable so I need to reduce it as much as possible.I have also fitted new cam cleats for the topping lifts/lazy jacks, and the boom kicking strap. These make it much quicker to reef the sail single handed.

On the second day I just sailed round the harbour in up to F6 winds. Mainly just jib and mizzen and I was still hitting 6 kts on occasion. Tacking is not so easy, but if you haul the mizzen to windward as you push the tiller down, she nearly always goes round.

One the third day we finally had some sun and i sailed out to Studland Bay, but the clouds threatened and it was cool, so I headed back for home quite early.

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