2 July 2011

More BayCruisers

I saw two other BayCruisers last week in Poole Harbour. No 3, which is moored alongside me in Parkstone Bay, which I have never seen sailing before, and no6 "Jaunty" which I thought was based in Chichester so maybe was just in Poole for a visit.


  1. I've just got home today from a weekend sailing sea trials in Poole harbour. I saw Jaunty, who is up on the hard on her trailer at Ridge Wharf (which is where I launched and recovered). It's 400 a year to leave your boat there on the hard, so for an easily launched boat probably a lot cheaper than keeping her afloat. I was over at Shipstall point Sunday, but no sign of you there!


  2. I've heard others sy that Ridge Wharf is very cheap. I htink the motor up and down teh river woudl get me down after a while, but that no doubt is why it's cheap. You get what you pay for.