8 April 2012

Boat building itch getting stronger

I am very tempted to start building a Sassafras 14 canoe from Chris Kulczycki's book The Canoe Shop , which has fully measured out plans in it. (Photo is of one built from a kit and shown on the WoodenBoat website) The measurements are in inches and fractions, which I am not familiar with using, but they are properly printed to be legible. In a lot of other boat building books "with plans" they are reductions of full sized plans which are barely legible.

In a way, I have started. The ends of the garboard planks have to be drawn up from a gridded diagram, so I have made that in cheap ply already. I have also tested my jigsaw for verticality and it seems OK. I need a tool to cut long rebates along the planks, and I have got a full width block plane on order, as my old block plane has been resharpened so many times it cannot be extended any more. Cutting 16ft,  very shallow rebates could be tricky with a hand plane, so a possibility is a small router. I have also moved my workbench a bit so that it can be linked to the other bench to form an 8ft support for the planks. Full length planks are way too long for my benches, so I will need a couple of plywood or chipboard sheets on the floor to set them up and glue the scarfs. I even made a trial scarf joint, which I have never done before. Seemed to be straight forward, but I expect lining up the planks for gluing will be the hard part. We shall see.

Just found this website showing the complete building of a Sassafras 14. You can find anything on the web if you look

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  1. I think you should go on and do a little more extra Google-work, as I think I read somewhere there are updated offsets to be found online for the Sassafras 14. Read about it quite a while back when I was contemplating on building one myself.
    Happy searching,