15 April 2012

Cold sunny sail (10.6nm trip 22.2nm total)

Got up early enough to be down on the water and sailing by 9:00am. Not bad considering I live in the middle of the Cotswolds. Lovely sunny day, but a cold north wind that got stronger steadily. Blowing F6 by the afternoon with strong squalls. I sailed for most of it, but in the end gave up and motored back. With only the fore and mizzen I can tack reasonably well, but I cannot point close to the wind. As a result, I kept on ending up in the shallows, with the board and rudder kicking up. Then even harder to go in the right direction. With the two sails you can reach and run, but close hauled is not good.

The forestay lanyard needed tightening, but the splices look OK. Some of the conduit under the side decks is coming unstuck, which doesn't really surprise me. I shall try contact adhesive next time I am down. A bit of stitching on the sprayhood needs replacing, the burgee has slipped and shredded and some of the white boot top has come off already, just after two weeks. I used just an ordinary primer. I think it really needs its own dedicated primer to really stick on. I have pledged that next winter's work is to repaint the boat properly. These last two years I have just touched her up.
By 3:00pm I was cold and fed up so packed up and came home.

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  1. I don't blame you... I went down to Pap to put the sails on (0700 tide so too early for sailing) and even then it was chuffing freezing.. and that despite the sun..... kudos for getting out though...