4 April 2012

First pootling trip (11.6nm)

Down for the day just to check everything is OK. I'm on a slightly more distant mooring, which means a slightly further row, but a little more water at the lowest tides. Swings and roundabouts as always. Motored out and in fact motored most of the day as it was near flat calm. I couldn't have used the mainsail much if I had it. I found the broken off bit of the boom gallows support on the rear side deck so have glued it back on with Araldite. At least the boat is not broken now.

Motored to Shipstal point and anchored for lunch. Bright day and sunny by the afternoon, but really cold and not many people about. After lunch I motored right up to my old mooring at Rockley to see if there have been any changes. They have built new pontoons for about 24 boats. Otherwise looks much the same.

Managed to sail for about an hour when the wind got up a little. I can tack with just the jib and mizzen so long as I work the mizzen. Pull it hard to windward as the helm goes down, and it pushes the stern round through the wind. You have to get right through to be sure of not falling back and into irons. Had to race for home when I realised that a very low tide would delay me a couple of hours if I did not get moored well before it. I can float in a wet puddle (in this photo there is just about a foot of water and everyone else is aground and DG is still floating) but I need a couple of feet at least in order to get the engine down and enough centreboard and rudder for steerage.

The new sprayhood windows work well. Not sure I like the look from outside as much, but it is good to be able to see out now.


  1. ..I go in Saturday so am mildly envious.... having said that the weather's changed anyway....

    If it was me I'd always have a slight doubt in the back of my mind about that boom gallows support..... glued or not.... :o))

    Canopy looks good...

  2. I'll put a big screw in the gallows but for I use it for real. And tie the boom to the boat independently of it.